The only thing wrong with the medicare program is the United States Congresss


Medicare was passed into law in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson and has served the people of our great country well.

Unfortunately these days with all the wild spending that both parties have been a part of there are many congress men and women as well as Senators that are clamoring to gut the program and therefor hurting once again the average American.

You hear them squawking at every opportunity they get about how bloated the program is and how much of a drain it is on the budget.

But here my fellow Americans is what they are not telling you.

They are not telling you that the Medicare program that is in place (The government of The United States of America) is not, I repeat is not allowed by a LAW passed by Congress to negotiate prescription drugs with Pharmaceutical companies also known as BIG PHARMA.

Are you hearing what I am saying ladies and gentlemen?

Another words BIG PHARMA negotiates with the rest of the countries in the WORLD yet WE THE PEOPLE represented by our very own government CANNOT reduce the ridiculous cost of drugs that  by law they cannot negotiate with drug companies!!

Can you imagine how many billions if not tens of billions of dollars are wasted every year because our elected officials in the house and the senate takes care of BIG PHARMA over the American people and more directly our senior citizens!!!!

How have we allowed this to happen all these years folks?

Where is AARP and where is Public Citizen. This is a law that can and MUST BE REPEALED!!

How dare them think that WE THE PEOPLE are going to sit back anymore and allow them to protect the interests of some of the largest companies in the world over the senior citizens of our country!!

We need to call our senators or write them, we need to call our congressmen and women and tell them we are not going to take this anymore.

How dare them want to gut Medicare while they line their pockets with BIG PHARMA MONEY and then NOT ALLOW our own government, not their government to not be able to negotiate with BIG PHARMA!!

And where is the President of the United States on this issue? I have heard him talking about negotiating with the Republicans about Medicare and (Social security which is another story that we will get into soon) about reducing benefits when he should be utilizing his so called bully pulpit to demand that congress REPEAL THE LAW that benefits BIG PHARMA over the American people.

Get some guts Mr. President stop hiding from issues that are so important to all Americans and show the world that you back the American people LIKE THEY BACKED YOU IN TWO ELECTIONS.

We THE PEOPLE are tired of carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

We have nothing against them however we do not want to pay for their discounted prescription drugs while we pay a hefty premium to BIG PHARMA.


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