About Me

I am a regular guy who loves our country and believes that it is being hijacked by the 535 members of Congress comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate. 435 in the house and 100 in the Senate, as well as the 9 justices who comprise the U.S. Supreme Court.

There was a time when most everyone  worked together  for the good of the people and the Republic known as The United States of America but this is not the case any more.

In today’s environment everyone is out for themselves utilizing there positions in government for personal gains and for power.

That being said we are also being compromised by big business. whether it is the car companies, the giant agriculture companies, the medical industries such as hospitals and major insurance companies, chemical companies, coal companies and the most vile of them all BIG PHARMA.

All these companies and many more are in the pockets of the elite 535 and these companies have convinced the Supreme Court that a corporation is a person!!! How about that for a hijacking!!

In a nutshell this is why I want to write a blog, I want to provide the American people with information because information is power. That being said power is only pertinent when it is utilized, meaning that we must act on information we are given and we must by the power of the people change what is happening in our country today.

Things you see can change but we have to be willing to stop being sheep and allowing our leaders to ignore we Americans and doing whatever they want.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that this is our country not theirs. They work for us and WE THE PEOPLE pay their salaries and WE THE PEOPLE pay for their health insurance (You didn’t think they would go on Obama care now did you?)

We pay for the Gym they attend and the free food they eat in the cafeteria they have in Congress and we pay for their security details, NEED I GO ON?

That’s why I named our website LETSMAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN.COM

That’s why I want to help expose the wrongs being done to the people of our great country.

Come with me and help our country heal and help our country be respected again.

lets make America great again.

May God Bless us all and May God bless The United States of America !!!

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